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Sugoi! Sugoi!

HyperFanboy: An Akutagawa Jirou community
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Hello~ Welcome to HyperFanboy, the community for the adorable Akutagawa Jirou of Prince of Tennis.
Akutagawa Jirou
Jirou is the "happy go lucky" and very cheerful player in the Hyotei tennis team. He doesn't seem to know the word "down", and is even happy when he loses. Combined with his "child-like" personality, this makes it very difficult for anyone to dislike him.
Even though most of the time he is asleep; when awake, he plays tennis very enthusiastically and seems to play just for the fun of it. His goal is to be as skilled in volleys as Marui Bunta, whom he happens to look up to.
"He may be a volley genius, but his personality is unstable. You'll be plotted against if you don't change." - Hiyoshi Wakashi
"Whenever I see Jirou-senpai playing tennis so happily, my spirits get lifted too." - Ootori Choutarou
Nickname: none
Status: Hyotei Regular
Specialty: Singles
Height: 160 cm
Weight: 49 kg
Blood Type: AB
Birthday: May 5th
Zodiac: Taurus
Birth Place: Japan
ID: Hyotei Middle School 3rd Grade
Hand: Right
Plays Type: Serve and Volley
Technique: Magic Volley
Shoes Brand: WILSON (SURGE DST 02 Mid (S1234W)
Favourite Color: orange
Best Subject: gym, computer technology
Favourite Food: mutton, mousse pocky
Hobby: sleeping, reading manga
Family: parents, younger sister, older brother
Quote: Sugoi! (Awesome!)
Father's Occupation: family business - dry cleaning store
Girl Type: happy, optimistic girls
Seiyuu: Ueda Yuuji

Profile from Youthful Days.
Post anything related to Jirou. Fanfics, fanart, icons, music, etc. As long as Jirou's involved somehow it's okay to post. If you want you can even post things of Takuya as he is Jirou's myu actor. As the mod, I'm not very picky.

In general your posts should locked. It especially should be if content is rated R or NC17.

Please keep this community alive and spread the Jirou love around.

Any other rules that should be here are pretty much common sense so they won't be put here.
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